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Indosentra focuses on Engineering Works and Services, was built with a strong attitude to answer the needs both international and domestic clients.

We are registered professionals in Indonesia Oil and Gas Department with a highly skilled team that includes Structural Engineers, Process Engineers, Software Engineers, Project Managers and are up-to-date on current standards.

Established with the idea to provide solutions and sound recommendations to our clients, we produce a top quality results and maintain all equipment in an orderly fashion.

Our experienced team has joined many projects onshore and offshore. With our qualifications and experience, we believe that we can be a benefit to any project.

Please explore further or simply contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Greeting from the Director Desk:

Thank you for visiting our site. We are a fast growing engineering company, mainly for Oil and Gas, based in Jakarta. Affiliated with over 35 years experience, Indostek has a solid reputation and is well known in Indonesia.

Maintaining a positive attitude within the company, well licenses and emphasis on client satisfaction has brought us to the level we expected.

We welcome you to have a quick glance at our services through this website and please do not hesitate to contact us.


— Deky Heriyanto

Company Licensed:

  • SKUP Ditjen Migas

  • ISO registered

ISO Certified 140001 - 9001 - 18001

Engineering Services : Planning | Design | Analysis

Head Office: Graha Kapital 2, Level 2. Jl. Kemang I No.7. Jakarta Selatan. INDONESIA

Phone +62 21 719 8617